Center for Professional Development at Excelsior College         On-Demand Webinar

Genealogy Webinar:
A Conversation with Former Students


Watch our webinar to hear about the course experience from former students of Genetic Genealogy and Practicum in Genealogical Research.  Learn how the programs were developed and get a student's perspective on:

    • Benefits of the Excelsior College genealogy courses over other types of training
    • Interaction with instructors and fellow practitioners
    • Course workload and time commitment
    • Suitability of courses for different experience levels
    • Impact of learning new strategies and best practices on personal research


    • Ruth Ann Murray, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Professional Development at Excelsior College
    • Julie Michutka, former student, Genetic Genealogy
    • Denise Cross, former student, Practicum in Genealogical Research

Webinar Time: 35 minutes